Youtube next comic might be loooking for you!


So you think you’re one of the funniest individuals here on earth? Do you have the ability to tweak and edit videos? Are you, at the same time, a gifted script writer?

Well, you’re chance of being popular and at the same time rich is here!

Google’s video sharing service, YouTube, is looking for 16 promising individuals that can improve their comedy channels.

YouTube unveiled “YouTube Next Comic” last Friday. This program will give the chosen 16 training via their Google+ Hangouts, $5,000 worth of video equipment and $10,000 of promotion on YouTube. College of Humor will also train and mentor the lucky 16.

Austin Lau of YouTube said in a written announcement, “Whether your forte is sketch comedy, stand-up, parodies, pranking, awkward moments, and epic fails, pet-inspired shenanigans, humorous vlogging and commentary, or any other indefinable laugh generating genre, we want you.”

YouTube launched their first ever video for their Official Comedy channel recently. The latter is a part of their Next Creator campaign. Next Creator and the company’s NextUp programs have helped about 150 channels from 13 different countries and have created 9,000 videos that have totaled to 327 million views.

Flex your artistic prowess and start practicing those lines? You might be the next YouTube sensation.

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