Rovio to release new version of Angry Birds, Pigs edition?


This sounds interesting.

After falling in love with the Angry Birds game and feeling happy whenever your pet birds successfully tackle a stage in the game, a new development has come to rise by Rovio and would eventually reshape the famed again once and for all.

According to Pocket-lint, Rovio has plans to launch a new version of the Angry Birds game later this year that would pit the pigs against the birds in a way that you never imagined before.

In this version of the Angry Birds game, you have to help the pigs fend off the attacks of the birds that try to reclaim their eggs.

Pocket-lint said that they have screenshots of the new game in action, but they failed to leak those images.

Rovio and Angry Birds just recently tied up with NFL team Philadelphia Eagles to develop a game that will be based on them.

It was only a few weeks ago when Rovio released an updated version of the Angry Birds Seasons. In this game, you play in a new world called Piglantis where you try to reclaim eggs in the water and air.

Would you like to exchange positions with the pigs and help them protect the eggs that they stole from the birds? Hit the comments box.

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