Carry and protect your BlackBerry with the Golla Bay Pouch


Golla is known as brand that is synonymous with style and function. Ever since they unveiled their very first product, they have made a mark, due to their intricate and elaborate designs plus the functionality of their cases.

Golla is durable and well-built from the inside out. So with the release of their new product, made specifically for BlackBerry users, it will be right to say that BlackBerry is now safe from your clumsy hands.

The Golla case fits your BlackBerry smartphones snugly and safe between its padded material. There’s a pocket on the inside where you can place a few dollars and a zippered pocket for your credit cards, ear phones, flash drive or just about anything that would fit on it.

The case features a Carabiner for you to place it on your backpack, golf bag, shoulder bag and belt loop. It comes with a separate neck strap, Velcro closing on the front of the bag. Soft lining material to protect the screen of your Blackberry.

If you’re an individual who loves to travel light, then the Golla Bay Pouch for BlackBerry is designed specifically for you. It keeps your Blackbery safe while at the same time lets you carry with you important items.

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