Beware of Facebook tag notification


Almost everybody nowadays has a Facebook account. Though not all are active, the mere fact that Facebook has millions upon millions of minions shows for the social network’s popularity.

But before you go on and bask on you and your friends’ Facebook profile, you have to remember that Facebook has a ton of potentially harmful weblinks that might trick you.

According to security firm Sophos, you have to think twice before clicking on links on an email claiming to be from Facebook and saying that you have been tagged in a photo.

Sophos said, “If you click on the link in the email, you are not taken immediately to the real Facebook website. Instead, your browser is taken to a website hosting some malicious iFrame script (which takes advantage of the Blackhole exploit kit, and puts your computer at risk of infection by malware).”

The security firm said that users need to look at the “From” field of the email. According to Sophos, tricksters use three o’s in Facebook [email protected].

They add, “Did you notice what was odd about the email? The ‘from’ address misspells Facebook as ‘Faceboook’ with three ‘o’s.”

So make sure you are clicking on the correct email link. Don’t be fooled!

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