YouTube updates its app for Android


Google’s annual conference has seen its fair share of spotlight. Unfortunately for some of their services, they were overshadowed by some announcements.

One particular thing that others seem to overshadow is the update on the Android app of YouTube.

The update basically enables the YouTube app to automatically download videos that thinks you might want to watch. The app does this whenever you are connected to a WiFi Hotspot.

Will this result to member frenzy or will members be outraged due to the automatic downloading?

YouTube will base their decision on what to download to your browsing habits and the channels that you are subscribed to.

The downloaded videos will be placed in a small green arrow in the corner of the Facebook app. Members can only opt to place the downloaded videos at the “watch it later” list of your account.

YouTube says that the company is working on updates for non-Android platforms. They are hoping that they can bring this update across all platforms.

Will this feature be a right move for YouTube? How about those individuals who do not want for YouTube to automatically download videos for them?

We shall soon see what the majority thinks of this update.

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