Willow Glass: Tougher than Gorilla Glass


Move over Gorilla Glass, cause there’s a new sheriff in town.

Corning, developer of Gorilla Glass, revealed their latest development in screen technology. It features a flexible and an ultra-thin which they dub as Willow Glass.

Unlike Gorilla Glass, Willow Glass is as thin as the standard bond paper and is capable of bending. Though thin and fragile looking, it is rumored to be as tough as Gorilla Glass which Corning popularized.

The thinness of the material will enable smartphone and tablet developers to create a device which is lighter and thinner than the smartphones and tablets of today. This will also enable the former to develop devices that can be warped into any shape and size.

Corning also says that Willow Glass has a very high resistance to heat. The latter will enable Corning to produce screens faster. Unlike previous screen technologies, heat is one of the most important factors in production.

In a press release, Corning says that “Willow Glass is formulated to perform exceptionally well for electronic components such as touch sensors.”

Gorilla Glass is being used by top of the line smartphones such as the iPhone and Nokia’s Lumia 900. The toughness and durability of this product is well known.

Have you tried denting or scratching a Gorilla Glass screen?

Image Source: mobilitybeat.com


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