Oldies create stronger passwords compared to young


Passwords are such a complex matter to discuss. A lot of individuals believe that out of the millions of individuals using the Web they couldn’t be targeted by hackers. Whether you believe it or not, it can happen to you.

A study by an individual from the University of Cambridge revealed that individuals over 55 are the ones that create the best passwords.

Joseph Bonneau was given access by Yahoo in their passwords archive. Of course, he was subjected to a thing called hashing were he can’t use your account.

Password strengths are measured by the probability of someone being able to guess your password. He discovered that the average password will take an individual 1,000 attempts before he can guess it correctly.

What is strange is that individuals over 55 create passwords that are difficult to guess, compared to tech-savvy teens and yuppies who frequently access the Web.

The study showed that 0.14 individuals have the same passwords. Bonneau says that this might be because of numerical configurations.

Bonneau also found out that Germans and Koreans create strong passwords. Indonesians, Italians and Vietnamese on the other hand, lag behind in this study.

Remember, to create strong passwords to protect your accounts.

Image Souce: developer.nokia.com