Nokia selling luxury brand Vertu


Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia is reportedly trying to sell the luxurious mobile phone brand Vertu.

According to reports, Nokia is talking with other companies who are interested in purchasing the Vertu brand for about $249 million.

The Vertu brand has been in the limelight for almost a decade now. Their mobile phones have made a name, due to the exquisite materials that are used to build the phone. This product was designed for the millionaires and the elite who don’t mind shelling hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the name.

Vertu phones usually come emblazoned with gems on their covers. Some even have keys made out of sapphires. It is also well publicized that Vertu’s ringing tones are recorded by the London Philharmonic orchestra.

But the Vertu line doesn’t have any out of this world features within the software. They are even not as powerful or as advanced as other smartphones out there in the market.

Nokia previously talked with private equity group Permira, with regards to selling Vertu. Unfortunately, the deal didn’t come through and the Vertu brand stayed with Nokia.

Nokia is right in selling Vertu. But do you think they made the right choice in purchasing it?

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