Hotmail gets a Windows 8-style Metro look


Microsoft has decided to redesign Hotmail, in a Windows 8-style Metro look.

After many years of using the same theme for Hotmail, Microsoft has decided to adapt it to its upcoming changes with Windows 8. According to Liveside, the new Hotmail will be called “Newmail” and it will be available to anyone interested in it. It will have a new interface, with a new menu and it will integrate, of course, with all the other Microsoft services.

Those that upgraded to “Newmail” received the following introductory mail:

  • A modern interface: faster and cleaner

The simple, fluid and interactive design of Newmail makes it easy to use whether you’re on a desktop, phone or tablet.

  • Get a Newmail email address for your new inbox

You can get a new email address from Newmail. You don’t have to worry about your contacts and previous emails, you’ll keep them. And, you’ll continue receiving messages sent to your current email address.

  • Bring your inbox to life – Connect Facebook

Connect and chat across services like Facebook and Twitter. Keep your contacts information automatically in sync, and see what your friends are up to, right from Newmail.

It is not surprising that the arrival of Windows 8 brings changes to every Microsoft service, including Hotmail. The fact that they will be interconnected justifies it and we just have to see whether they will be also user friendly. The rumours about the incompatibility with other browsers in Windows 8 for example was not that optimistic.

What do you think then? Should we trust Microsoft or hould we wait for some time?

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