Eradicate shaky videos with the Smoothee for iPhone 4S


Do you hate it when the video that you’re watching seems to moving be held by someone who has a problem in keeping his hands from shaking? Well, you’re not alone in this world.

Shaky videos have been a problem ever since the days when video cam recorders were created. The Blairwitch Project deserves to be excluded from this list.

Recording videos from your iPhone to post to YouTube or just share with your friends can be a dizzying experience for your pals if you have a problem with twitching or just plain holding your iPhone still. Now who wants to view those shaky videos?

If you’re a budding cinematographer, you might as well purchase a Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee.

The original Smoothee was released last 2010 and it works brilliantly. Now, the company responsible for this contraption is releasing their latest Smoothee for the Apple iPhone 4S.

The Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee uses counterbalance weights to stabilize your iPhone while you pan or tilt for shots.

The Smoothee isn’t your typical tripod. The package includes an instructional guide for you to guide you through the process.

But the Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee is a big help to improve how you take videos from your iPhone 4S. we don’t know, you might be the next Spielberg.

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