Qmadix Iharmonix Q-i-sound speaker: Powerful midget


A wireless speaker is a big plus if you plan on making your smartphone your MP3 player, instead of a dedicated one. Bluetooth capable speakers can let you play and select music while being in a distance, instead of walking over to your smartphone every time you opt to change the tune.

The Qmadix Iharmonix Q-i-sound perfectly fits this description, as this latest speaker uses the Bluetooth technology. This small and pod-shaped device emits a real stereo two-channel sound.

What sets the Omadix Iharmonix Q-i-sound apart from other Bluetooth speakers, is its ability to provide a true two-channel stereo audio. This will enable the user to position each speaker wherever you like. You can opt to place one in the living room while the other is place in the bathroom (the best shower heads won’t muffle the sound of this baby).

The speaker has controls typical of any Bluetooth audio product. The left speaker houses the power, volume and forward and back buttons. It also has a tiny microphone for making calls when it is connected to a mobile phone. Each speaker has a port at the back for attaching the Q-i-sound’s charger.

The Q-i-sound is also designed to accompany you when you travel. It comes with a handy carrying case to which the speakers fit tightly.

It comes with a price though. At $149.99, you can have Qmadix’s Iharmonix Q-i-sound to service your audio needs.

Image Source: the-gadgeteer.com


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