Parents beware: Video chatting is prevalent among teens


Way back in the 80’s, teens used to go out of the house, play games on the streets or hang out at diners were they could chat with their pals and have a good old laugh at their friends expense.

Now, teens are more comfortable staying in their rooms all day in front of the computer. Parents used to have this problem on how they could control their teens from going outside. Now, it seems, parents are having difficulty letting sun shine on their kid’s skin.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project which was released last week’ noted that about a third, or 37% of the 799 teenagers who were surveyed for the study, used video chat applications like Skype or iChat. Those who were surveyed belonged to the 12-17 age bracket.

The study also found out that girls are more prone to video chatting than boys who have a 42% to 33% share respectively.

The correlation between mobile phone use and video chatting: 77% of teens have mobile phones and 75% of them are subscribed to texting. About 40% of them with texting plans said that they have used video chatting softwares before while non texters had a 27% share.

One out of four teens or 77% of those surveyed have social networking accounts. 16% of them use Twitter. For those who have Facebook accounts, 41% said they have used video chat.

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