Oracle Positions Itself to Be the Leader in Business Network Hardware


The Oracle company is aiming to pass the IBM as the leader in providing business network hardware. The Oracle boss said they were confident, as they had already got ahead of them in the databases and the middleware niches. Oracle has strategically placed them in a good position to provide hardware business solutions to its customers. In fact, the high end servers in one such place where Oracle have competitive advantage over IBM. They excel as much in hardware as in software because everyone works with Oracle software now a days, if you’re one of the ones who is working with Oracle, be sure to check out the odtug kscope 2017 conference this summer, to keep yourself informed on the latest updates.

The high end offering that Oracle has at the moment cannot be matched by their rivals in the market. The Exadata and the Exalogic are on top of the game right now. The rival to these products the IBMs pseries systems is still commanding a good market share, but indications are pointing that they may be surpassed in the coming months. This information is according to Oracle’s boss.

In figures released recently, Oracle was placed fourth in the server market share behind the market leader Hewlett Packard, the second placed company is IBM and Dell coming in the third position. These figures are however disputed by Ellison, the Oracle boss who says that tracking market share by revenue was misleading, due to the tactics that his company employs. He says that they are lowering the sales of entry level systems and focusing on the high end market which has wider profit margins.

Oracle has not only be working on the hardware, but are also been actively driving software sales. They will now be offering all their software online. This will surely give it an edge over their software rivals, the Germany based SAP Company.

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