Koss Pro DJ100: Affordable quality headphones


Headphones are now back in style. Some fashion experts say that the bigger your headphones are, the more stylish you become.

The renaissance of these monstrous headsets can be attributed to the proliferation of affordable portable music devices and of course, to the iPod.

Add to that the cheap apps that can be bought in AppStores that cater music editing and mixing. People’s dreams of becoming a disc jockey can now be achieved with the final touch of those huge headphones.

And here comes the Koss Pro DJ100 headphones. DJ “wannabees” on a budget can now make their dreams come true.

The Koss pro DJ100 headphones have a foldable design, a padded headband and metallic cups. They are made of leatherette material that lines to that inside of the headphone cups. They also feature an 8-foot coiled cord that unfortunately doesn’t have a microphone to be used in your smartphone.

The Koss Pro DJ100 emits a decent sound for a good price. Aesthetically, the Koss seems to be designed well. Though not as flashy as expensive headphones in the market, the Koss Pro DJ100 seems to be well constructed and looks great.

One thing that seems to be weak for the Koss Pro DJ100 is that the bass isn’t that good. What can you expect for an affordable headphone?

Image Source: material.net


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