Kingston releases Wi-Drive 64GB


Who would not love to have a wireless portable drive that you can use with your smartphones and tablets?

At this day and age of mini thumb drives, nothing compares to the Kingston’s Wi-Drive. They have unveiled this technology a few years ago, and now they are upping the ante with the release of their new 64GB Wi-Drive.

The Wi-Drive is compatible with pretty much any wireless-capable devices out there in the market.

This enables you to store any content, may it be music files, video files or any files for that matter, from your wi-fi enabled device to this Wi-Drive. The speed of the transfer rate is fast and can even stream content to an iPad and iPhone simultaneously.

The company says that you can use the Wi-Drive up to three devices all together. You can access the Wi-Drive from any number of devices. The catch is that, the more devices that are trying to access the device, the slower the speed.

It charges via USB and can last up to 8 hours with a single charge.

Unfortunately, the company has yet to release the price of the 64GB Wi-Drive. The 32GB version is pegged at $89.95. So just do the math.

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