Internet traffic set to quadruple by 2016


The influx of smartphones and tablets has caused a stir in the market place. This boom in the number of mobile Internet devices will cause a rise in Web traffic in the future.

In a study done by the Cisco Visual Networking Index, the global Internet traffic will sky rocket to 1.3 zettabytes or one sextillion bytes by 2016.

According to the study, it will be four times the number that was generated about a year ago and is caused by the proliferation of smartphones and other devices that use the Internet.

Vice president of Cisco, Suraj Shetty said, “Each of us increasingly connects to the network via multiple devices in our always-on connected lifestyles. Whether by video phone calls, movies on tablets, web-enabled TVs, or desktop video conferencing, the sum of our actions not only creates demand for zettabytes of bandwidth, but also dramatically changes the network requirements needed to deliver on the expectations of the new normal.”

The study also highlighted the United Nations report that there will be 3.4 billion Internet users by 2016.

The speed of broadband Internet is also expected to rise, from the normal 9Mbps a year ago to about 34Mbps in 2016.

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