Google Chrome for iOS?


Google Chrome is considered as one of the better Internet browsers available in the Web. With its simplicity and the light load it brings to your computer, it sure is a great program for all your Web surfing needs.

Research firm Macquarie Group is saying that before the year end’s, Apple iOS users will be able to use Google Chrome in their devices.

They are claiming that this will be a great move for Google since the company pays Apple for each person using Google services in Apple’s default Safari browser. If they use their own browser, it could offset these costs. This is one reason among the many reasons that the research firm is saying.

But writer Seth Rosenblatt said in his article that this is going to be a difficult task for Google. He says that the iOS is a “very different beast” from the Android and PCs.

Google Chrome has been available for Windows since 2008, on Mac OS X and Linux since 2010. The Chrome gained popularity due to its stability, features and speed.

Android for Chrome, even in beta phase, is fast and solid. But it is only available for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

One of the major problems that Google faces in its iOS dreams is that Apple doesn’t let third-party browser developers make changes in iOS default browser from Safari. For example, if you use Chrome as your primary browser and decide to open a link, that link will be opened by Safari.

If Google can only iron it out with Apple, then Google Chrome for iOS could possibly be a huge hit for iPhone, iPod and iPad users.

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