Free Xbox 360 for every Windows PC purchase


Microsoft is at it again as the company is offering students another great deal to boost the sales of their PC and increase their market share in the market.

A year ago, Microsoft made students an offer which they couldn’t refuse. The company offered students a free Xbox 360 for every Windows PC that they buy.

And voila! Microsoft is once again offering students the deal of the lifetime as they are bringing back the promotional offer. If a student buys a Windows PC worth $699 or more, they get a free 4GB Xbox 360. The promo started on the 20th of May and can be redeemed at retailers such as Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics and New Egg.

Microsoft is trying everything they can to boost the popularity of their Xbox 360. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a $99 subscription subsided Xbox bundle.

These offers by Microsoft are most likely being targeted to students due to their need of Personal Computers to help them in their studies. The Xbox is also highly popular with these age segment as these are the types of individuals who are hooked into games during their free time.

The company didn’t mention until when their promotional offer is going to end but analysts say that it would most likely be pulled out at the end of summer.

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