Facebook Rolls Out The New Photo Sharing App


facebook-camera-app The leading social media site, Facebook, has begun rolling out the new Facebook camera. This is a standalone photos application, designed for shooting, filtering and sharing single or multiple photos. The app also enables to quickly scroll through multiple photos, updated by their friends. This app comes just before Facebook finalizes the Instagram acquisition deal. It is a better photo sharing platform than the earlier version Facebook used.

Facebook doesn’t intend to integrate Instagram with its photo sharing app, but rather develop them independently of each other. This will provide some competition and some options for the users. The Facebook app with its 14 filters, the improved interface and the batch uploads are a major advancement in photo sharing. The new app will be first released to English speaking countries, before it is translated to the other languages. It is designed for iOS with those for Android, Blackberry and Windows coming later.

The new app’s home screen has a button for shooting photos and one for easily accessing the photos for uploading. A feed of uploaded photos and those that your friends have tagged you in them, is also available for you to see in real time.

The Facebook app is already receiving good reviews, especially its multi photo uploading capability. This makes it easy, unlike Instagram where you have to go over the process of sharing over and over again for many photos. However, the new app has some few flaws, such as the like and comment buttons directly overlying the photo thus affecting its appearance.