Diablo III launch hounded by issues


The release of Diablo III was full of fanfare and was so much anticipated that when Activision Blizzard activated the game yesterday, thousands, if not millions of individuals flocked the game’s servers to have a piece of the action.

But what the players experienced as their most dreaded enemy yesterday was not a monster or an in-game character. Instead it was an error message that made Diablo III players lives miserable yesterday.

Activision Blizzard was forced to take the Diablo III servers offline at least two times on its initial day citing to fix “several issues” the impacts the game as their reason. The company took down the servers at [10:22] AM Pacific Time for about an hour then [11:30] AM to [1:30] PM and from [2:15] PM to [3:30] PM. Some players posted in Battle.net forums that they were not able to play the game for hours.

The cause of these errors was wide ranging. Some errors occurred during character creation while some experienced a loading screen that wouldn’t stop and was impossible to quit.

Blizzard said that they are fixing the issue.

A probable cause of this problem is that Diablo III requires a good Internet connection. Unlike previous versions of the game didn’t required Internet connection unless you play a multiplayer game over the Internet.

Image Source: gamezone.com