AppMyWorld simplifies app hunting to a breeze


There are millions of apps out there that choosing one app that would suite your needs will be a strenuous task. Although there are a number out there that has already made a name for themselves, up and coming developers have blossomed from everywhere creating apps that sometimes are fantastic but most of the time ridiculous.

So how can the average Joe find a quality app in the sea of apps?

Well AppMyWorld thinks that they could do the job for your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

This app makes it easier for us to choose an app that is specific to our needs. AppMyWorld scours the Web for reviews of apps then aggregates their review scores into an AppScore.

The AppScore is a measure of quality that enables users to see how professional reviewers rate their experience with an app.

AppMyWorld founder Will von Bernuth says, “At AppMyWorld, we believe aggregating professional reviews results in an objective measure of an app or game’s quality and helps users determine the top apps and games. It’s a model that has worked well in other industries such as movies and console games.”

There are about 30,000 reviews and 5,000 apps and games with an AppScore with numerous numbers being added daily.

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