Dell not pulling the plug on smartphone business


Reports that indicate that Dell is pulling the plug in their smartphone ambitions in the US are not true.

This is according to Dell spokesperson Ellen Murphy when asked for comment by PCMag.

Though the company has stopped marketing their Venue and Venue Pro smartphones, the company will launch more smartphones by years end. The Dell Venue Pro was launched by the company in 2010 and the Venue was launched a year later.

Individuals who still want to purchase the latter can still do so by going to the company’s channel partners in North America. According to Murphy, the phones are still available in select countries around the world.

Dell chief financial officer Brain Gladden said that writing off the company’s previous-generation phone business would only cost it about $25 million. He added, “And that is something that we would say is behind us now.”

According to Murphy, the company is planning to release and launch more phones in China, Japan, United States and other countries this year.

Dell executives on the other hand said they are planning to release devices that are being run by Windows 8. Chief executive Michael Dell said two months ago, “There’s a pretty strong appetite for a Windows tablet in enterprise, with the security and compatibility that customers kind of expect.”


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