AT&T now unlocks your iPhone


Phones purchased directly from carriers often come as locked to their network. Individuals who would want it unlocked often had to shell out huge amounts of dollar just so the phone might be used for another carrier.

What normally happens when an individual purchases a new iPhone, he sets aside his old one which essentially becomes an expensive paper weight or the latter becomes an expensive iPod Touch used solely for music and other apps.

Well, good news for AT&T subscribers who have iPhones. The telco announced last week that they are willing to help unlock older and out-of-contract iPhones starting last Easter.

In a statement, AT&T said that they only require subscribers to have a good standing account and that the device cannot be associated with an active AT&T account and that their client “needs to have fulfilled their contract term, upgraded one of our upgrade policies or paid an early termination fee.”

This comes as a huge help to their subscribers who have old iPhones on their desk. They can now use it for other networks like T-Mobile and the rest. They can even sell their old phones to other individuals abroad as this can now be used in their country’s home network.

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