Asian country wants to disable “silent camera” app


Perverts and Peeping Toms find it easier nowadays to prey on their unsuspecting victim with the help of today’s gadgets and gizmos.

Ordinary mobile phones to high end smartphones are available for them to use. These devices can easily be hidden from view and can act as their accomplice in their ways.

That is why South Korea is looking for ways for these individuals to have a much more difficult time in using these devices.

A South Korean official barred that they are seeking ways to disable smartphone apps that enables users to snap photos silently. Discussions are currently being done between representatives of the Government and handset makers.

According to the official who asked not to be named, “We have recently started discussions with firms like Samsung, LG, Google and Apple regarding whether it’s technically possible to disable those apps on their devices.”

This move is welcomed by women from all parts of the country as this would safeguard them from being harassed.

Just last June, a 30 year old man was apprehended in Gimhae after he was caught taking photos of about women under their skirts using the “silent camera” app.

South Korea is home to 25 million smartphone users.

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