Troubleshoot device problems from anywhere


Speed is important in the support business. The faster you fix a problem the better it is for you and your clients.

But what about those times were you are miles away from your client and he’s gadget is in dire need of a fixing? Well, people would tend to hire a new individual to remedy the issue. One client lost.

But LogMeIn Rescue can be your saver in those times of distress.

LogMeIn Rescue provides instant remote support not only for PCs but also for Macs, smartphones and tablets.

The secret behind this tool is its innovative applet that can download, install and connect you to your user’s machine in less than twenty seconds or depending on your connectivity.

This lets you see what the problem is which usually takes you time to fix or troubleshoot over the telephone.

You can remotely operate the user’s computer or smartphone as it you are the one holding it. A comprehensive dashboard delivers key diagnostic information quickly and a tabbed user interface that can handle as many as ten concurrent support sessions and support for multiple monitors.

LogMeIn Rescue is also secure. It employs an end-to-end, 256 bit SSL encryption.

So vacations can now be a time for leisure and a time for problem solutions.

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