The A7 leather camera strap

The A7 leather camera strap

Photography hobbyists as well as pros are fond of prepping up their cameras. A lot of individuals investment their money to buy posh accessories to differentiate their tools from others.

While some buy things to enliven their dull gadgets, others on the other hand buy things to protect their investment.

The first thing a photographer usually buys is a camera bag. The one that usually comes with the camera is awful but it can serve its purpose. The next is camera lenses, flash, tripods and monopods and other camera accessories.

But people usually neglect buying a camera strap. This contraptions helps you with protecting your cameras by securely tying it against your hand when shooting without the help of a monopod and a tripod.

This is where New York startup company A7 comes into play. This company has a line of all-leather straps that is hard to pass up.

These handcrafted straps have a vintage appeal that would definitely set you apart from others. This was designed with older analog cameras in mind. If you are still fashioning the stock strap that comes with your camera package, the A7 would certainly be a huge step in quality and aesthetics.

The A7 is retailed at $65.

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