Samsung Galaxy SIII to be unveiled on March 30?


The world has been waiting long and hard for the much anticipated arrival of Samsung flagship device, the Galaxy S III. The company originally suggested that they would be releasing this product at the Mobile World congress. But, Samsung retracted the statement days before the event took off.

Since then, a lot of speculations have arisen as to the delay of the release. But most importantly, people were so hyped up that they couldn’t stop thinking about the new smartphone and what it brings to the table.

Gizmodo released an image of Phones 4u store in London that has a banner with the message ‘Coming 30.3.12’. The website states that, “These shots were taken of the Phones 4u store on London’s Oxford Street, but apart from that we don’t have much information. We know Samsung’s going to announce its new flagship within the next couple of months, but previous rumors pointed at April and May, not March.”

So what then was the sign all about? Your guess is as good as mine.

As for the phones features, it seems like nothing much has changed since the first leaks went out. It is said to have a 12 MP camera with a LED flash, slow motion, time lapse and the video recording rate of 60 fps. Those are but a handful of it.

Now, let just keep our fingers crossed.

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