Portable chargers for electric car offers more convenience


Green is good. The lesser we conserve energy the better for the environment.

That’s why car companies have been developing hybrid and electric cars to help protect the environment.

Unfortunately for electric cars, if your battery is about to turn dead on you, the availability of charging stations are only limited thus causing headache due to the inconvenience of you being stuck in the middle of nowhere due to this problem.

This is one of the reasons why hybrids are far more popular than electric cars, because hybrids give you the ability to run the car on gas if electricity is a problem.

The Geneva Motor Show showed advances on electric cars. Car companies are showing new solutions to the problem of electric cars. Several companies have exhibited portable chargers.

According to Chevrolet Europe president Susan Doherty, “Electricity is the way to go in the future especially if we want to have zero emission vehicles.”

While Swiss firm Alpiq E-Mobility AG said that they had inked an agreement with Toyota to fit charging stations at its 250 dealers in Europe.

So this goes to show that companies are now turning on the serious mode to battle global warming. If only this technologies are available for all individuals in the world.

Image source: bostinno.com