Google told by Tokyo Court to limit autocomplete


The autocomplete feature that Google’s search engine has is sometimes a funny escape for a boring 8-hour work shift. The often ridiculous suggestions that autocomplete gives you can poke you on the side and make you laugh out loud due to the foolishness and out of topic suggestions it brings. Scour the net and you’d certainly see a screenshot of these funny suggestions.

But they are not laughing in Tokyo. According to a report by the, the Tokyo District Court ordered Google to delete terms from its autocomplete search feature. This comes as a man alleges that the latter violated his privacy.

But Google was firm with their stand and rejected the courts order. They said that their US headquarters is not regulated by Japanese law.

The company said, “A Japanese court issued a provisional order requesting Google to delete specific terms from autocomplete. The judge did not require Google to completely suspend the autocomplete function.”

The company added that they don’t have a hand in predicting what suggestions autocomplete gives to an individual. They said that these are drawn from items that have typed in by other users.

Kyodo news revised the story they published and said that the court was ordered to delete terms and not suspend it.

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