Google Assistant to take on Siri later this year


“Siri” has been a wonderful companion for preoccupied individuals who can’t seem to jot down a few entries on their planner or smartphone. Apple’s digital assistant has been making waves and has seen a few rivals for the Android, though it’s not made by Google.

But Google has been trying to vault in the digital assistant wars as early as last year. And things are starting to look bright since the Siri launch can be launched by the end of this year. Though this is not yet certain and can still be moved, the possibility of it coming out is still good news.

Reports have it that the company is working on Artificial Intelligent technology named ‘Google Assistant’.

The developing team is trying to create a voice powered ‘do-engine’. This will be powered by Google’s own search engine, Google+ and Google +1. But rumors have it that this Assistant will not be a standalone app.

“Siri” has had millions of minions and the number is still growing. With a lot of individuals deciding on purchasing the iPhone due to “Siri”, Android is trying to push the pace to release their own version of the app.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. This is a make or break for Google.