Facebook pictures cause trouble for one student


It’s really baffling why universities punish their students due to the things they post online after school hours. Penalties range from detentions, suspensions and in other cases expulsions.

But in the city of Cebu in the Philippines, a private school prohibited a student from attending her graduation rites over what the school deemed as “lewd” photos that was posted in her Facebook account.

A physician filed a petition for injunction and damages against the school on her daughter’s behalf.

The school administration allegedly decided on the sanction because the minor posted “obscene” photos on her FB account. The photograph shows the young lady wearing a two piece swimsuit while holding a lighted cigarette.

This comes after an academic institution in the States reprimanded a student over his tirade at a social networking site. The student reportedly posted curse words at his profile thus forcing the school to reprimand the child. But it is good to note that the child in question wrote the blabber on his account after school hours and using his personal computer and not the school’s.

Do you think that the academe has the right to reprimand their students when they post something that is not necessarily hurtful towards their academic institution? It is also good to note that these are also children with social lives and that they are just practicing their right of speech and expression.