Anonymous targeted Panda Security, Vatican website


The Hacktivist group Anonymous warns of an impending storm after they attacked the website of the Vatican.

The group who is responsible for attacking high-profile corporations and government institutions warns of a “coming storm”.

Italian members of the group attacked the Vatican website as a sign of protest against the Church’s scandals, conservative doctrines and controversial history.

The website was inaccessible for hours last Wednesday though a spokesperson from the Vatican didn’t confirm the attack but told the media that their technicians are working to fix the problem.

Anonymous Italian website issued a statement which read, “Anonymous has decided to put your site under siege in response to your doctrine, liturgy and the absurd and anachronistic rules that your profit-making organization spreads around the world.”

They also said on Twitter, “Trust us. You think you’ve seen the full muscles of #Anonymous up to now? Nah, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet. Get ready. #March2012.”

Last Tuesday, FBI agents arrested members of Anonymous and LulzSec and charged them with conspiracy.

According to a Tweet by Anonymous as a response to the arrests, “LulzSec was a group, but Anonymous is a movement. Groups come and go, ideas remain.”