Windows 8 says goodbye to the Start button


It looks like the Windows start button will cease to exist as soon as Windows 8 will be launched hopefully this year.

Screenshots of the new Windows 8 displays the “super bar” leaked over the weekend. ‘Lo and behold, there was no start button on the bottom left side of the window. The Build 8220 is going to be the final version before the beta debuts before the month’s end.

The Windows start button offers us the ability to open search, share, devices and settings panels. According to The Verge, Microsoft is reportedly replacing the start button. They will use the space, used to be reserved for the start button, turning it into a hot corner.

Though this development comes as a sad story to fans of the start button, the reality is that Microsoft has been toying with the idea for quite some time already. One good news is that the company will retain the functionality of the Windows 7 to pinned shortcuts for easy access to your favorite programs.

Windows 8 will debut the so-called “charms bar”. These are a collection of transparent icons that gives you access to key features. This sound like a replacement for the start button.

At any rate, let’s wait and see if the change would be for the betterment of the OS. Only time can tell.