New variant of Flashback Trojan for Mac OS found


Macs are known to be one of the safest, if not the safest, computers in the world. Compared to Windows, malwares are far too few in the Mac operating systems.

Unfortunately, antivirus firm Integro reported that cyber criminals that are responsible for the Flashback Trojan have been on it again and have started to spread another malware package. This seventh variant of the latter uses new techniques to infect Macs.

The Flashback is a Trojan attack that uses a number of methods to infect the system. It tries to take advantage of Java security hole to install itself. Those who do not have Java installed, it will use various techniques to trick users. It can disguise itself as a legitimate Adobe Flash installer and display certificates that appear from Apple to trick users to install the program.

Once installed, it injects the code into the web browsers and other applications in order to get passwords and other personal information. One good thing is that affected programs crash most of the time so users need to reinstall them.

So to be safe, Mac users should install a malware scanner and update it regularly.

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