Huawei launches “world’s fastest smartphone”


Chinese Telecom giant Huawei is aiming their sights high this year. With Apple’s surging market share, the company is targeting the latter’s piece of the pie as they declare to have 60 million smartphone sales this year as they release what they dubbed as the “world’s fastest smartphone.”

Just hours before the Mobile World Congress opened its doors in Barcelona, Richard Yu, manager of Huawei devices unit, unveiled the Ascend D Quad. He claims that their new entry to the field has double the processing power of comparable smartphones and has a much larger and sharper screen display than Apple’s iPhone 4S.

According to Mr. Yu, the iPhone only has 326 pixels per inch on its 3.5 inch screen. The Ascend on the other hand has 330 pixels inch on a 4.5 inch screen. He added that, “That’s more than the human eye can process.”

Huawei is hoping that their new smartphones will boost the sales from 20 million units last year to 60 million this year.

Analysts says that Apple has 50 percent of all smartphone profits in 2011. On the last quarter of 2011 alone, Apple has sold 37 million iPhones.

Still, Mr. Yu is very optimistic with his company. “We want to be the best performer in the industry, we want to be the benchmark. Our phone brand isn’t that famous, but our products should be the best ones.”