Google begins high-speed fiber lay-out in Kansas City


Google as Internet service provider?

Well, the search engine giant is diving into the business of providing Internet connections to further expand their business. Google has announced that they are finally ready to start laying down fiber optic cables in Kansas City, Kansan and Kansas City, Missouri that will serve as the backbone of their much anticipated high speed Internet service.

The two Cities became the envy of the entire world when in March last year Google announced that they will be the lab rats for the company’s fiber urban infrastructure. Kansas City, Kansas was the first City included and later on Kansas City, Missouri was added to the list. The company is bragging that their fiber network will be a hundred times faster than that of their rivals.

According to Google’s blog post, the company is building out a sold fiber network, laying down miles and miles of cable across the Kansas City area. The cables are made up of thin fibers the width of which is distinct with the human hair. As it is weaved together, they will become the backbone of the Fiber service in Kansas City.

Further updates will come as the project materializes.

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