Sales in Apple’s iPhones double in Q1


The iPhone is taking over the world one user at a time. While they are wrecking havoc in the smartphone market, Apple’ executives are grinning from ear to ear as this only maximizes profit for the company.

Apple said last Tuesday that they were able to sell 37 million units of iPhones in the past 3 months of 2011. This feat by the iPhone exceeded the estimates of some analysts and it propelled Apple to hit record quarterly sales.

The 37 million units account to 53 percent of Apple’s revenue during that quarter. Other Apple products such as the iPad and MacBooks can’t keep up with the spike in the sales of the iPhone.

They have edged out rivals Samsung Electronics Co., which announced that they sold 35 million units in that same time, and Nokia Corp..

According to ISI Group analyst Brian Marshall, “It was a pristine quarter. The investment community has never seen a company like this, inside or outside technology.”

The magnificent performance by Apple places them at the top of the world’ most valued company. They are being trailed by Exxon Mobil Corp. The two have been exchanging the top spot since last summer.