Romo: Turns smartphones into a spy robot


Video security is much valued nowadays. With the proliferation of theft and residential break ins by unwanted guests, individuals flock security stores to strengthen their home and as well as office defenses.

A new player is set to shake the business up as they unveil its latest development.

Romo, a robot that uses your smartphone as the hub for its functions has arrived. Though the Romo is only eight months old, investors have seen potential in the device and have been flocking to support the idea.

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Keller Rinaudo told that “the company just closed its first major round of funding.” He did not mention how much he got but the report said that Zappos founder Tony Hsieh gave an undisclosed amount to the company.

Though it looks like a toy, while some might even say that it is in fact a toy, investors are backing it because they see a lot of potential in the Romo. The start-up behind the Romo, called the Romotive, gives an open software development kit (SDK). It means that apps can be developed for the Romo.

The company started out in Seattle. Now, the company has settled in Las Vegas where developers are churning out Romos in a incredulous rate.

The device costs $99 and is expected to be available by February or March.

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