Nike debuts Nike+ Fuelband fitness wristband


After the Power Balance trend that basically tricked us into buying their bands, letting us think that it can improve our game, here comes another one coming from big shoe brand Nike.

The company launched the Nike+ Fuelband in New York this week.

This fitness wristband can help athletes track and download every level of their daily activities. This device is designed to motivate users and as well as a stylish watch.

It will officially be launched to the public next month. The price is set at $149. but it is available via pre-order starting today.

Oklahoma City Thunder main man Kevin Durant and legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong are two of the endorsers of the product. The high scoring NBA forward said that he’s going to use the wristbands during practices and hopefully in some of his games.

Durant said, “I love it. I’m a competitive person. So being able to match my scores up with all my friends and fellow athletes from around the world, that’s going to be fun.”

Durant revealed what his training regimen is. He says he focuses more on conditioning drills, cycling three times a week during the off-season. He is eying to take up boxing in 2013.