Apple’s “Lucky Bags” attract hundreds


Japanese customers have been lining up at Apple Stores all over Japan hoping to get their hands on a “Lucky Bag” to kick of their new year.

The Japanese have a handful of shopping traditions for the new year, but this “Fukubukuro” or “Lucky Bags” seems to be one of the most popular if not the most.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside a ‘Fukubukuro’. Once person breaks the seal of the bag he finds an assortment of goodies. Usually this goodies are discounts for the collection. But you have to keep your fingers crossed because you don’t have any idea on what you get. Just like basketball trading cards. You are not sure if you’ll be getting that most valued insert in the package you bought.

The lucky few will find rare or expensive products that is worth three times the amount you paid for.

Apple began to sell these bags in Japan in 2004 and it hasn’t taken a bad year as of yet

Some bags are priced at 33,000 yen or $430. Customers wish to get an iPad, Iphone or iPod. It’s a gamble and a very big one.

In a post from, one lucky customer shared the contents of his bag:

  • Red iPod nano Red (5th Generation)
  • Nike + iPod Sport Kit
  • iHome iP38 portable iPod dock
  • Incase Sports Armband Pro
  • Apple USB adapter
  • Crystal Jacket Set for iPod Nano 5th Generation (special Lucky Bag version)
  • Atomic Floyd TwistJax headphones
  • 2x iTunes Gift Cards
  • Apple Store Limited Edition Red T-Shirt
  • Incase Nylon Compact Backpack

‘Fukubukora’ began as a way for establishments to let go of their old stocks. Japanese believe that it is bad for the business if the New Year starts with unwanted items from the previous year.

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