Apple to develop adaptors that recover passwords


We often take power adapters for granted. We see them as something that we have to plug in the socket in order for electricity to flow to our devices. After that, we see them as nothing more than a piece that we can discard.

But this modest piece may soon turn into something more than we see it. This seemingly unimportant contraption can now turn into a tool that can help you with anti-theft measures.

Apple has just filed for a patent that requires for people to plug in their adapters to help them remember their passwords.

In patent number 2012/0005747, Apple will develop an adapter whose transformer unit has a memory module built inside it. Only the correct device will have the ability to recover data.

New Scientist says that Apple was quoted as saying, “if the password is not easily and conveniently recoverable, the consumer is likely to choose either not to use a password at all or to use a trivial password. Both choices increase the threat of data loss.”

The memory module that is in the transformer unit stores the encrypted password.

With this, it will make it harder for identity thieves to steal some of your stored data or from someone from recovering your password.