Anonymous lure inocents in DDoS attacks though Twitter


Hacktivist group Anonymous is letting you join their attack just by clicking at their tweets. Users may unwittingly know that they are allowing Anonymous to do this to them.

Senior technology consultant of Sophos, Graham Cluley, reported the new “tactical attack technique”. This was used to attack the US justice department website a week ago.

These links posted in Twitter and other sites pointed to a page on the website. When you visit the webpage it executes JavaScript that uses the visitors computer to flood a website chosen by Anonymous.

To avoid being a victim of this new technique, users have to disable JavaScript on their computers.

Anonymous wanted people to support their cause by installing a program called LOIC or Low Orbit Canon. If you have installed the program, you’d b able to join a DDoS attack. The new technique tricks people into becoming participants. VP of products at network security vendor Radware Carl Herberger said, “This can of course be used on Facebook and Twitter and other sites to lure unsuspecting users.”

This latest method escalates the hactivist war and adds a new effective technique to Anonymous tricks.

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