Kindle Fire problem: no WiFi?


Kindle Fire may be soaring high, selling 850,000 units in Amazon alone and almost rivalling iPad in terms of units sold. However, the company is not without problems.

The recently-released Kindle Fire WiFi only units are having difficulty in connecting to wireless networks and customers have been complaining about the problem. Some users have reported that they can connect to their routers but not to the Internet.

About 170 individuals have aired the problem in a Kindle Fire forum.

One user noted that, “have just opened Kindle Fire. Can connect to wifi but no internet.” She added that, “all other wireless devices in home are working fine connecting to internet. Signal is strong. Have turned “Wireless Networking” on and off several times. Still showing X on wifi icon after obtaining IP address and no internet connection.”

Some users have said that when they downloaded the new Kindle Fire update, Version 6.1, have fixed the connection problem. But some are still having difficulty in connecting even after they have installed the new version.

Amazon has released the latest version, 6.2, but they didn’t say that this version could provide a fix to the connection problem.