CES 2012 – the last for Microsoft


The Consumer Electronics Show will be missing a particular company after their next year when Microsoft Corp., which has been a solid presence in the convention for the past two decades, pulled out of the event.

Microsoft’s CEO usually gives a keynote address in the trade show highlighting recent developments of their products. But the company said that it would stop participating in the CES after the 2012 edition of the event.

The Consumer Electronic Show is one of the biggest trade shows and has an average of 100,000 visitors to the state of Nevada.

Unfortunately for the CES, who was once considered as an important event of the year due to the following that they have, they are having difficulty placing themselves in the headlines. This is due to the fact that companies opt to announce new developments of their products on their own time. The last time the CES was held, analysts were stunned because no big evolutions were announced.

It is good to note that Apple Inc., doesn’t participate in the CES.

According to a statement released by Microsoft, “our industry moves fast and changes faster. And so the way we communicate with our customers must change in equally speedy ways.”

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer will give their final keynote address on Jan. 9.