Tagwhat Launches Location-Based Publishing Platform to the Public


Tagwhat Launches Location-Based Publishing Platform to the PublicLocation-based applications that tap into a smartphone’s GPS and compass are becoming the most effective means of engaging an audience on the go. Today, Tagwhat announces the launch of its publishing platform that allows anyone to create and monetize their own location-based multimedia stories. Comprised of video, audio, images, and text, Tagwhat stories can be placed anywhere in the world for mobile users to discover.

“Today marks the start of a new mobile medium: Multimedia Stories at Places. We go to radio for audio, to TV for video, and now Tagwhat delivers multimedia experiences tied to places on the mobile.” said co-founder and CEO, Dave Elchoness.

How does it work? Visit http://publish.tagwhat.com and follow a few easy steps. I think this can prove to be an integral part to mobile users as they visit physical locations, both as a learning medium and as an encouragement to go outside and explore.