Apple VS Nokia: A messier fight



After filing a complaint to the International Trade Commission, the Finnish phone maker isn’t done suing Apple yet.

Now, they’ve filed another second patent-infringement lawsuit against Apple, alleging that latter has violated 10 of its US patents. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Delaware.

According to the lawsuit, Apple has infringed several of Nokia’s patent including those in 3G and 3GS, patents for the camera phone and touch screen display and as well as technology on the iPod’s click wheel.

This USITC complaint is basically a ramp-up of Nokia’s previous lawsuit against Apple which was filed in October of last year. Apple has responded with a countersuit of their own in December.

This current lawsuit, according to a report by Finland’s Taloussanomat, echoes the same complaints that Nokia made to the ITC. Apparently, Nokia is really getting ready for a nasty battle and wants to cover all the bases both in court and in international trade tribunals.