Apple tablet to be available on March 2010


Well, at least that’s what The Wall Street Journal says.

While others are still speculating about the existence of this slate or tablet, including endless rumors as to what it’ll feature and what it will look like, it seems that the WSJ is well-ahead and has found out when the device will actually be available in the market.

According to the WSJ, its sources say that the company plans to unveil the tablet this month but will begin shipping out the product on March.

Sources of the Journal say that the 10- or 11-inch tablet computer will start shipping in March of this year. Another source of the Journal say that there are at least two different finishes for the device and Apple is still undecided as to the final pricing for each.

These sources, according to the WSJ are the “people briefed by the company.”

What do you think? Seems plausible?