Nook buyers get $100 gift certificates


Nook That is, if you ordered your device before November 30 but won’t receive it before December 24. The voucher can be used for shopping at Barnes & Noble’s retail Web site.

There won’t be a lot people receiving these gift certs though as the company says only “a very small percentage” of Nook buyers will not receive their device on the promised date of delivery.

“The vast majority of customers who pre-ordered Nooks and were given a pre-holiday estimated shipping date should receive their devices in time for the holidays,” Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating told InformationWeek in an e-mail.

With all the hoopla surrounding the Nook and what may be the device to challenge Kindle’s dominion on the ereader market, interested consumers who want to purchase the device now will have to wait for quite a while to receive their own unit. According to B&N’s site, orders placed today won’t ship until February 1.

The $259 Nook won’t also be available in the Barnes & Noble retail stores this month as previously promised. Instead, the units will be arriving in January and only demonstration models will be displayed (for now) for customers to give the ebook reader a try.



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