First enterprise SSD from Seagate introduced


Seagate Seagate’s first solid-state drive (SSD) is now available generally. Dubbed as the Pulsar, it will be the first of what will be a line of enterprise SSDs from the company.

According to iSupply, a technology research firm, despite the high memory price of SSDs in laptops making it harder to replace hard disk drives, it is still a growing market and it has been predicted that it will drive a sevenfold increase in market revenue this year to $883 million.

As to Seagate’s first SSD, it measures just 2.5-inch, has a SATA interface, is a single-level cell drive and is available with up to 200 GB of memory storage. At its peak performance, the Pulsar can execute up to 30,000 read input/output operations per second and 25,000 write IOPS. It can read/write data in an amazing 240 MB/s and 200 MB/s respectively.

With the SSD’s lower power usage, smaller size and faster input/output, vendors can probably expect to sell more of this new storage type in the coming years.