AT&T resumes iPhone online sales in NY


After cutting off online sales of iPhones to New York City residents early this morning, AT&T has resumed selling the smartphone – but not without much criticism from the blogosphere and the rest of the consumers.

The iPhone’s exclusive US carrier had only a very vague and cryptic statement regarding the halting.

“We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels. The iPhone is available in our New York retail stores and those of our partners,” according to a statement issued to CNN.

Later this afternoon though, tech blog Gizmodo reported that AT&T’s website has resumed its online sales to New Yorkers.

The halting was only done on AT&T’s web site, as the company continued to sell iPhones and iPhone data service plans to its retail stores.

According to Laura Northrup, a writer for The Consumerist blog, she was able to speak with an AT&T sales rep and found out that poor wireless coverage was the cause of the sales halt.

“AT&T has apparently found a workable solution to the reported data congestion in New York City,” Northrup wrote.

The rep also told Northrup that the halt was not because “New York is not ready for the iPhone. You don’t have enough towers to handle the phone.”